“The Brisbane Parkour Association (BPA) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to delivering parkour education and encouraging safe practice of parkour across SE Qld. The association aims to promote parkour as an inclusive movement discipline of self-progression, exploration and play that is accessible to anyone.

The BPA is community oriented, facilitating classes and programs across SE Qld including public classes, school holiday workshops, youth development programs and liaising with councils and community groups.”


Cat - Level 1

“Preserve your body, yourself, and others.”

Whether it's climbing trees, Aerial Circus, or training Parkour, Cat never stops moving. Qualifying as an instructor in 2013, she became interested in the aspect of altruism and the theory behind Parkour. Training to be strong to be useful, and for longevity. These values were part of what convinced her to become a cofacilitator for Girls of Brisbane Parkour.

Andrew - Level 2

Andrew started Parkour in 2007, where his journey began after watching a Parkour YouTube video. He's been travelling all over the world to train Parkour with others, and started teaching four years ago. Now he couldn't imagine a better way to live his life, continuing to travel and train into the future.

Jade - Level 1

"Parkour is for everyone."

Jade first started training in 2009. The altruistic values along with a strong community bond is what has kept her devoted to Parkour ever since. In 2014, she became a Level 1 Parkour instructor and a cofacilitator of the Girls of Brisbane Parkour. With these achievements Jade aims to promote the principles of Parkour and instil a holistic appreciation of the discipline.

Jay - Level 2

“It's about progressing over time and training with longevity and usefulness in mind.”

Jay has trained as a traceur since 2009, and began teaching for BPA in 2011. Jay teaches because he has seen so many benefits of Parkour in his own life and wants others to find the same. To him, Parkour is a way of finding your physical potential and learning what you can do with it. He trains to stay strong and useful, both mentally and physically.

Josh - Level 2

“If you eat the whole apple, then you’ll discover the core truth.”

Josh's movement background includes football (real football) and riding his bicycle everywhere (quickly). After participating in his first ‘jam’ in early 2006, Josh continued to train on most Saturdays for the next four years. In 2009 he started volunteer instructing, and was qualified as an instructor in 2011. Since then, he has learned a great deal about what Parkour means and how to train more effectively.

Kier - Level 1

For Kier, Parkour is a functional movement discipline is designed to use one’s environment and body to move freely and quickly through a complex environment, with minimal risk and maximum speed. Kier first started to train Parkour as a means of becoming fit, but since then has taken great enjoyment in pushing himself, both mentally and physically.

Oscar - Level 2

“How did I start Parkour? Or more realistically, when does one stop?”

In addition to instructing with the BPA, Oscar also trains as a runner, a jumper, and a powerlifter. For him, Parkour provides a positive platform for physical activity, encouraging socialisation and an appreciation for the city in which one resides. In this way it will soon be at the forefront of physical activity programs for all ages, as its versatility is unsurpassed and innate.

Sam - Level 1

“Now go practise your rolls.”

Practising Parkour since 2011, Sam was qualified as an instructor in late 2013. Parkour for him is about being strong and confident in your body, whilst training with and mutually supporting other traceurs. Sam’s main focus is on the aspect of fun and play within Parkour, such as flow and finding new paths across familiar territory.

Steve - Level 2

“Parkour brings to me mindfulness, selfawareness and an attitude of free thinking for myself, my family, and students I teach, and fun.”

Steve moved into the realm of real movement after some years as an Army Physical Training Instructor, delving deeper into whole body health and fitness. The origins and philosophies of Parkour quickly fascinated him. For Steve as a professional health practitioner, promoting the body’s natural abilities in movement and healing is of utmost importance for long term wellness.

Tony - Level 3

“Move Silently.”

Tony has been training since 2007 and started teaching in Brisbane in 2008. He is an APA Level 3 (senior) instructor and a qualified personal trainer. He has a passion for natural movement and personal development, using Parkour as a method of training for physical, mental and social health. In his own training and in his teaching, Tony has a strong focus on sensitivity, realworld effectiveness and play.


Parkour Workshops are available for all types of events and training:

Whether you require a one-off “Introduction to Parkour” workshop or a multiple session program tailored to your group’s specific goals, Brisbane Parkour can provide a solution. Each session is designed to be site specific using, where possible, the available features and existing equipment at your venue.

Tuition fees vary depending on your individualised program and type of package required. Contact us for more information.


The Brisbane Parkour Association has provided workshops in SEQ since 2008.
Some of our clients include:

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