-- "Be Strong To Be Useful" --

Parkour has a complex history dating back to the early 1900s when Georges Hebert, a French Marine, developed "The Natural Method". This Methode Naturelle was based on the strengthening of natural human capacities such as running, jumping, throwing, swimming and defence, and was employed as the principal training method of the French Navy. It is from Georges Hebert that we take the motto “Be strong to be useful".

These teachings were then adapted and combined with other military training principles when both the grandfather and father of David Belle shared their knowledge, training, and experience with him. David took this training to the streets and forests of 1980's suburban Paris and, with a close group of friends, developed what we know today as parkour. The name "Parkour" is a modification of the French "parcours du combattant" (military obstacle course).

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