You must have attended a First Timers class or an Adults Introductory program before attending a Fundamentals class.

Our Fundamentals classes covers all the essential movements of parkour and other aspects of the discipline, including strength and conditioning, stretching, training methods and the philosophies behind parkour.


You must have a firm grasp of the fundamental techniques before attending Progressions classes, as the fundamental skills will not be taught, only extended upon. This will be at the discretion of the instructors, based on their experience with you during your prior regular attendance at Fundamentals classes.

Progressions classes follow on from Fundamentals classes, taking concepts and techniques taught and applying them in different environments and situations.

Where and when:
Any Fundamentals/Progressions classes that are active and available for booking will appear below with relevant information and booking links.
Otherwise, a listing of all our currently active classes can be found on the Bookings page.