“The Brisbane Parkour Association (BPA) is proudly and exclusively staffed by Australian Parkour Association (APA) qualified instructors. In Brisbane, we offer instructor training to all students who are interested in becoming APA instructors. We also facilitate training and assessment for the APA’s Community Coach Course, which allows individuals in schools and community groups to incorporate parkour into their activities and programs.”



This 18 week course has been designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of Parkour instruction for those wishing to teach for the Australian Parkour Association. The course content covers much of the knowledge, training methods, technical competencies and teaching approaches that form the foundation of the APA Instructor Qualifications. Course delivery takes place one night a week and there are 3 compulsory full-day intensives throughout the program.


Practitioners of any level are encouraged to enrol. You do not need to be a master of your movement yet, just bring a passion for teaching and some dedication to learning. Please note that this course is open only to those wishing to teach in Australian Parkour Association community-based classes. For individuals and organisations wishing to use Parkour in the delivery of professional services, please contact us.


Course participants will be required to attend a minimum number of sessions, including 3 full day intensives and some observational attendance at regular classes. Those who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements will not be eligible for certification and may be asked to leave the course.


The Australian Parkour Association’s Community Coach Course (CCC) has been designed to give social and community workers an additional skill set that will value-add to their current work practices. The course also ensures that each participant’s theoretical, physical and practical ability complies with the Australian Parkour Association’s rigorous standards for parkour instruction.

The CCC is a certificate-only course and does not constitute an APA Instructor Qualification. It is designed to enable individuals working in recognised organisations to use elements of Parkour as tools for community engagement. Applicants will be assessed on their knowledge of parkour, and their physical and practical abiility to teach parkour safely and effectively.

Specialised preparation sessions are available for applicants, and the 2 day assessment period can be delivered flexibly to suit your organisation’s needs. Along with the support of their local parkour instructor community, certificate holders will have access to a highly experienced, nationwide network of Australian Parkour Association Instructors. Keeping up to date with the latest techniques, teaching methods and safety briefings is made easy, and the learning never stops.